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Christina   Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker
 1862 - 1935

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  • Birth  15 Mar 1862  MO Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender  Female 
    Died  11 Jun 1935  CottonHillTwp.,DunklinCo.,MO;burial:StevensCem.,nearMalden,DunklinCo.,MO Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID  I3891  forneyclark
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    Father  Christopher "Columbus" Shiverdecker, b. 13 Mar 1831, Kanawha Co., (West) VA; of Lorance Twp., Bollinger Co., MO  
    Mother  Julia Ann Lockett, b. 18 May 1831, VA  
    Family ID  F1383  Group Sheet
     1. George "Frank" Shiverdecker, b. 1881
    Family ID  F1545  Group Sheet
    Family 2  Elisha Jackson Kinder, b. 10 Sep 1852, Zalma, Bollinger Co., MO  
    Married  12 Dec 1890 
     1. John Thomas Kinder, b. 27 Mar 1893
     2. David Columbus Kinder, b. 1895
    Family ID  F1541  Group Sheet
  • Photos Kinder, John Thomas & David Columbus Kinder & Elisha Jackson Kinder (1852-1921) & Christina Tina Shiverdecker (1862-1935) Kinder, John Thomas & David Columbus Kinder & Elisha Jackson Kinder (1852-1921) & Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker (1862-1935)
    Group/ Hand-colored photo came from the Glen W. Kinder Collection. Standing (L-R) are John Thomas Kinder & David Columbus Kinder and sitting (L-R) are Elisha Jackson Kinder & Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker Kinder.
    Shiverdecker, Christina Tina (1862-1935)  &   David Lizander  Shiverdecker  (1869-1966)(or b.June 03, 1873)  &  Sarah Catherine Shiverdecker (1868-1952)Shiverdecker, Christina "Tina" (1862-1935) & David Lizander Shiverdecker (1869-1966)(or b.June 03, 1873) & Sarah Catherine Shiverdecker (1868-1952)
    Group photo, which was taken in MO, about 1910-1917, came from the Glen W. Kinder Collection.
    Included (L-R) are Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker Kinder & David Lizander Shiverdecker & Sarah Catherine Shiverdecker Eaker Toms.
    Shiverdecker,  Christina Tina  (1862-1935)Shiverdecker, Christina "Tina" (1862-1935)
    Individual photo of Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker Kinder, which was taken in MO, about 1910-1917, came from the Glen W. Kinder Collection.
    Documents Shiverdecker/ Shiverdaker Family Record of Names, Births & Marriage
Shiverdecker/ Shiverdaker Family Record of Names, Births & Marriage
    Shiverdecker/ Shiverdaker Family Record, which was written after 1875 and probably before 1880, includes names, birth dates, and a marriage date. This document came from the Glen W. Kinder Collection. Transcription, which was done by Glen Kinder & Tessie Turntine Bylund, May 2005, is followed by the original document. *Remember to click at the bottom right of the image to enlarge the material. It may take a minute before you can activate this feature.
    Shiverdecker, Christina Tina: Death Certificate of Christina Tina Shiverdecker (1862-1935)
Shiverdecker, Christina "Tina": Death Certificate of Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker (1862-1935)
    Death Certificate of Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker Kinder was provided by Glen W. Kinder and originally came from Missouri S.O.S. Archives at
    Headstones Shiverdecker, Christina Tina (1862-1935)
Shiverdecker, Christina "Tina" (1862-1935)
    Status: Located. Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker Kinder (1862-1935): Stevens Cemetery, Cotton Hill Twp., near Malden, Dunklin Co., MO. Photo of this headstone came from the Glen W. Kinder Collection.
    Histories Lockett, John : Letter concerning  Christina Tina Shiverdecker (1862-1935)Lockett, John : Letter concerning Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker (1862-1935)
    Letter from T.A. Caveniss of Ursa, MO, was written May 1, 1897, to John Lockett about having Johnís granddaughter Christina "Tina" Shiverdecker Kinder come to pick strawberries for him. Letter came from Glen W. Kinder. *Remember to click at the bottom right of the image to enlarge the material.
  • Notes 
    • ********
      Family Record written after 1875 & probably before 1880. See document section of this website.
      Glen W. Kinder:
      Birth date
      Tessie Turntine Bylund:
      1870 Fillmore Twp., Bollinger Co., MO
      #18 home? Columbus SHIVERDECKER; 39; w; m; farmer; VA
      Julia; 58 [should be 38?]; w; f; VA
      Mary; 9; w; f; MO [est. b. 1861]
      Christina; 8; w; f; MO [est. b. 1862]
      James; 4; w; m; MO [est. b. 1866]
      Sarah; 2; w; f; MO [est. b. 1868]
      Edgar Wallace; 15; w; m; MO--boarder, works on farm

      1880 Fillmore Twp., Bollinger Co., MO Census: J.A. must be Julia A.
      Fam__, J. A. SHIVERDAKER, w; f; 48; farmer; VA; KY;--
      Mary F.; w; f; 19; daughter; keeps house; MO; VA; VA [est. b. 1861]
      Christiana; w; f; 17; daughter; MO; VA; VA [est. b. 1863]
      James W.; w; m; 13; son; works on farm; MO; VA; VA [est. b. 1867]
      Sarah C.; w; f; 11; daughter; MO; VA; VA [est. b. 1869]
      Lucinda A.; w; f; 9; daughter; MO; VA; VA [est. b. 1871]
      D. C. A.; w; m; 6; son; MO; VA; VA [est. b. 1874]
      Steve Hrivnak:
      Unknown, Julia A
      Birth : VA
      Shiverdecker, Christopher Columbus
      Birth : ABT. 1829 Kanawha Co, VA
      Father: Shiverdecker, Michael
      Mother: Higgenbotham, Abigail Elizabeth
      Shiverdeck, Mary F
      Birth : ABT. 1861 MO
      Shiverdeck, Christina
      Birth : ABT. 1862 MO
      Shiverdeck, James William
      Shiverdeck, Sarah C
      Birth : ABT. 1868 MO
      Glen W. Kinder:
      Nickname, death date, precise birth date, & burial place
      Death certificate is viewable at
      [From Donna Forney Clark: I have capitalized words that were italicized or printed in bold in the following manuscript from Anonymous Researcher #1.]
      Anonymous Researcher #1:


      1860: On July 23, 1860 Christopher C. SHIVERDON, 28, lived in LAWRENCE Twp., Bollinger County, MO. With him were his wife, Julia A., 26, and John Lochet, 19. All three were born in Virginia. John Lockett most likely was Julia's brother.

      1870: On August 11, 1870 Columbus Shiverdecker and Julia lived in Fillmore Twp., Bollinger Co., and MO. Their children, all born in Missouri, were MARY, 9; Christina, 8; James, 4; and Sarah, 2.

      1880: On June 1, 1880 J. A. SHIVERDAKER., 48, lived in Fillmore Twp., Bollinger Co., MO. In this census, Julia informed that her father had been born in Kentucky. Julia was evidently a widow by 1880. Living with her were MARY F., 19; CHRISTIANA, 17; James W., 13; Sarah C., 11; Lucinda, 9; and D. C. A., 6.

      1890: After 1880, JULY A. Shiverdecker was found in only one record--the 1890 VETERAN'S SCHEDULE for Fillmore Twp., Bollinger Co., MO where her post office was named as Buchanan. She was identified as the widow of Christopher Shiverdecker. He had incurred the "disability" of consumption while serving in the Civil War.


      Research on Christopher C. and Julia Ann Shiverdecker's oldest daughter, Mary F. Shiverdecker follows. Of the two marriage records found for Mary F. Shiverdecker in Missouri marriage databases on, the record referred to in the following text is the correct entry from Bollinger County, Missouri records.


      1882: On October 5, 1882 at the bride's residence in Bollinger County, Missouri, John W. Porter and Mary F. Shiverdecker were married by Wm. P. Stovall. In one Missouri marriages database on, the Shiverdecker name was not transcribed accurately. A careful examination of the handwriting in the blurry 1882 record revealed the name was Shiverdecker, (not STINEBAKER as a transcription of that record showed).

      Birth of Mary and John Porter's First Child

      1883: According to records at Missouri State Archives, a female child was born to Mary SHIVERDECK POTTER and John POTTER, a Bollinger County farmer, on August 6, 1883. In the 1880 Missouri censuses, one Missouri husband and wife were named John and Mary Potter; they didn't live in Bollinger County. It is possible a John POTTER and a Mary (with the uncommon maiden name of Shiverdeck) may have moved to Bollinger County during those three years (1880-1883), but it seems much more likely that this record was for Mary Shiverdecker Porter and her husband, John W.

      Although no name was recorded for the child born in 1883, she probably was John W. and Mary F. Porter's first. In the 1900 census, one Porter girl, J. A., was born in August of 1882. This birth year entry may have been an error. Since the birth year entered for Allen Porter in the 1900 census was a year early--1894 rather than 1895, it is possible that the birth year entered for J. A. Porter in that census may also have been a year early--1882 rather than 1883.


      Little is known about Mary's husband except that he was born in Illinois. John and Mary moved to Illinois at some time during the first few years of their marriage, probably after 1883 and prior to 1885. From 1885 to 1895, Mary and John W. Porter had at least three children who were born in Illinois and survived, a conclusion supported by censuses and other records. The three children were John Wesley Porter, born on Jan 1, 1885; Mary Francis Porter, born in June, 1891; and Allen Columbus Porter, born on October 6, 1895.

      Knowing that Porters lived in Illinois for years makes it more likely that an October, 1897 marriage in Saline County, Illinois records may have been for this Mrs. Mary Porter and her second husband, J. W. Douglas. It is possible that J. W. Douglas, born in Illinois, was the J. W. Douglas who lived in Gallatin Co., Illinois for many decades. Gallatin County is directly east of Saline County and shares a boundary with it


      1897: In the ILLINOIS MARRIAGE INDEX, two records were found in Saline County, Illinois for a J. W. Douglas who married a Mrs. Mary Porter or Mrs. Mary SHOVERDEOR Porter on October 30, 1897. Both records were for the same date, same county, and no doubt, are for the very same couple. It appears likely that Mary Francis Shiverdecker Porter married J. W. Douglas in Saline County, Illinois.


      1900: In the 1900 census, J. W. Douglas, born in March of 1850 and Mary, born in October of 1857, lived in Lorance Twp., Bollinger Co., MO with their blended family. They had been married two years. In this census, Mary was the mother of six children of whom four were living. The census was taken in June, and Mary and J. W. Douglas had been married two years in June; they would have been married three years by October of 1900. This fits the Douglas couple, J. W. and Mrs. Mary Porter, who married in Illinois in October of 1897.

      Living with Douglases in 1900 were two of Mary Porter's children--J. A., August 1882 [DATE ORIGINALLY IN BOLD TYPE]; Allen, Oct, 1894 [DATE ORIGINALLY IN BOLD TYPE]-- and three of J. W. Douglas's children--Georgia?, Nov ?, 1880; May P., June, 1882; and Alice, July 1886. All five young people were identified as daughters or step-daughters. It is difficult to gauge this census's accuracy, though--Allen Porter was identified as a female born in 1894, even though he was a male born in 1895.

      Two of Mary F. Shiverdecker Porter Douglas's children

      1900: In 1900, a John W. Lockett family lived in Cowan Township, Wayne County, not too many miles away from where the J. W. Douglas family lived. John W. Lockett, 59, was born October, 1840 in Virginia and his wife, Martha J., 55, was born December, 1844 in Illinois.

      Two of Mary Porter's children lived with the Lockett couple in 1900: Mary F. Porter, born in June, 1891 and John W. Porter, born in January, 1886. The Porter children were identified as niece and nephew of John and Martha Lockett. John W. Lockett most likely was the brother of Julia A. Lockett Shiverdecker-in the 1860 census, a John Lochit from Virginia lived with Christopher and Julia Shiverdecker. That would make Locketts the GREAT uncle and GREAT aunt of Mary F. Porter and John W. Porter rather than uncle and aunt (as recorded in this census). This makes sense when ages of Martha and John are considered.


      1908: Missouri Marriages for Stoddard County record that Francis Porter of Bollinger County and F. F. Nash of Brownwood, Stoddard County were married on November 18, 1908 by a Justice of the Peace at Brownwood, Missouri. Fred Nash, born in October of 1857, was decades older than Francis. She was not yet eighteen and inherited a ready-made family-Fred Nash's three children from his first marriage: John, born in January of 1895; George, born in October of 1897, and Norah, born in March of 1900. On October 20, 1909, Fred and Francis's first child was born--Ana [sic] Laura Nash.

      1910: On April 27, 1910 Mary Francis Shiverdecker Porter Douglas's two sons, John Wesley and Allen Porter, lived with their step-father and mother, James W. DUGLES and Mary F. in Pike Township, Stoddard County. In this census record, Mary Douglas was the mother of five children, of whom four were living. Listed right before the Douglas family on the census page were Fred and Francis Nash and family. This Francis Nash is the same Mary F. Porter who lived with the Lockett family when the 1900 census was recorded. Francis, born in 1891 in Illinois, was the daughter of Mary F. Shiverdecker Porter Douglas. In records, Mary Francis Porter Nash sometimes used the name Mary and at other times used the name Francis. In records, John Wesley Porter sometimes used the name Wesley and at other times used the name John.

      1915: On August 23, 1915, John W. Porter and Hattie Richey, both of Gipsy, Bollinger Co., Missouri were married by the Reverend G. M. Mouser at the bride's home according to Bollinger County marriage records.

      Draft Registration of Mary F. Porter Douglas's Sons

      1917: Allen Columbus Porter, 21, of Advance, Missouri, filled out a draft card in the Swinton Precinct of Stoddard County on June 5, 1917. Allen was born on October 6, 1895; he was a farmer. He was of medium height and build. His eyes and hair were brown. Allen named his mother as his dependant, so J. W. Douglas may have passed away by this time and Mary F. Douglas probably lived with Allen Porter.

      1918: On September 12, 1918, John Wesley Porter of Advance, Stoddard County, filled out his draft card in Bloomfield, Missouri. Born on January 1, 1885, John Wesley was a farmer. His nearest relative was his wife, Hattie May. John W. was 5'8", of slender build; he had blue eyes and light hair.


      1920: On January 20, 1920 Wesley J. Porter, his wife Hattie, and their children lived on a farm in Wayne Township, Bollinger County, Missouri. Wesley's brother, Allen C., and his widowed mother, Mary F. Douglas, lived with John Wesley Porter's family in 1920.

      In the 1920 census, Francis and Frederick Nash and their children also lived in Wayne Township in Bollinger County.

      1926: Ana [sic] Laura Nash, daughter of F. F. Nash and Francis passed away on December 29, 1926; she was only a couple months over seventeen years old. The cause of death listed on her death certificate was PURPURAL ECCLAMPSIA. The birthplace listed for her mother was Illinois; the maiden name of her mother was Francis Porter.

      1927: On December 4, 1927, Allen Porter and Jesse Gilliand, both of Gipsy, Bollinger Co., Missouri were married by the Reverend J. A. Abernathy of Zalma, Missouri, according to Bollinger County records.

      1929: Frederick Nash passed away in Brownwood, Pike Township, Stoddard County on March 2, 1929. The cause of death was nephritis.

      1930: On April 21 and 22 the families of Allen C. Porter and John W. Porter were listed next to each other on the census for Wayne Twp., Bollinger Co. Mary F. Douglas was not found in the 1930 census; she may have passed away between 1920 and 1930; no death certificate record was found for Mary F. Shiverdecker Porter Douglas.

      On April 11, 1930, the thirty-nine year old widow, Francis Nash lived in Bernie City in Liberty Township, Stoddard County. Francis had five children for whom to provide: Ivy, 13; Myrtle, 11; Irene, 8; Freeman, 5; and Max 2. All of the Nash children had been born in Missouri.

      1930: A little more than a year after Fred Nash's death, his widow, Mary F. Nash, became the wife of E. F. Perry. Both were from Bernie, Stoddard County, Missouri. A minister, G. A. Crocker, married the couple in Bernie on April 12, 1930.

      1935: Mary Francis Porter Nash Perry's husband, Emanuel (or E. F.) Perry, of Fornfelt, Scott County, Missouri died on February 8, 1935. Fornfelt was located in the northern part of Scott County. The informant for Emanuel's death certificate was his wife, Mary Francis Perry. According to Emanuel's death certificate, two years was the length of the Perry's residence in Fornfelt when his death occurred.
      [From Donna Forney Clark: I have capitalized words that were italicized in the following manuscript from Anonymous Researcher #1.]
      Anonymous Researcher #1:

      John Lockett married Martha Thom on the 4th (or 6th) of October, 1864 in Jackson County, Illinois as recorded in the online ILLINOIS STATEWIDE MARRIAGE INDEX, 1763-1900. Martha's birthplace (on the death certificate) supported this conclusion since Martha was born in Jackson County, Illinois in December of 1843. In addition, Martha's brother, John B. Thom, of Jackson County, Illinois, lived in Ripley County before John and Martha did and afterwards. Joe Thom was named as Martha Thom Lockett's father on her death certificate.

      Lucretia Withrow was cited as the maiden name of John Owen Lockett's wife. It is possible John W. Lockett's mother Lucretia is also Julia Ann Lockett Shiverdecker's mother. I was unable to find a Lucretia Withrow who was born at the right time in any records thus far, though, and not a single LURISHA Withrow was found in records searched. LURISHA was named as John W. Lockett's mother in John's death certificate; the informant was his wife, Martha Thom Lockett.

      It seems likely there are ties between Shiverdeckers and Locketts as evidenced by the fact that John lived with Christopher C. and Julia Ann in 1860 at census time. Also, the "strawberries" letter posted on your website [] sent to John LOCKET at Ursa, Missouri showed these people still remained in contact after decades (John Lockett and Christina Shiverdecker in this instance). The "strawberries" letter was sent in May of 1897. An old railroad map (c. 1897-1898) shows that Ursa, Wayne County, Missouri, is located (roughly) half way between Coldwater (where John lived in 1890 according to his surviving soldiers record) and Buchanan in Bollinger County, which is near the area where Shiverdeckers resided for years. By census time in 1900, John Locketts still lived in Wayne County. By this time, Mary F. Shiverdecker Porter Douglas's two children (John Wesley. and Mary Francis.) lived with John and Martha Lockett.


      Another Mary F. Shiverdecker: One marriage record in's database of Bollinger County marriages is for a Mary F. Shiverdecker who married a Dan T. Edwards on January 2, 1869. Since only one Shiverdecker family was found living in Bollinger County in the 1860 and 1870 censuses, this was rather puzzling. It is doubtful this woman was "our" Mary since Mary would have been much too young to get married--especially if Mary F. were born in 1860-1861 as some records indicate. However, a justice of the peace from Fillmore Twp., Bollinger Co., Missouri officiated at the marriage ceremony of the Dan T. Edwards couple and Fillmore Twp. is where "our" Shiverdeckers lived in 1870. Mary F. Shiverdecker may have been a relative of the Bollinger County Shiverdeckers who just happened to get married there--but that seems a bit puzzling since brides usually were married in their own communities.

      Christina: CHRISTINA SCHEONBORN of Castor, Bollinger County married Elisha J. Kinder of Zalma, Bollinger County on December 12, 1890. A review of the handwriting on the document showed this woman actually was Christina Shiverdecker, not SCHEONBORN. Christina and Elisha were married by T. W. Cooper, a minister of the gospel. This minister most likely was Thomas W. Cooper, farmer and preacher; he was found in the 1900 census for Bollinger County.

      Sarah: I always enjoy seeing things for myself and was happy to finally find the Sarah C. Shiverdecker marriage record in Bollinger County's records under names Sarah A. KRIACEDECK and Marshall EAKLE. In the record was written: THE MOTHER OF THE SAID SARAH C. SHIVERDECK BEING PRESENT GIVING HER NAME AS JULIA ANN SHIVERDECK AND THIS DAY GIVES HER CONSENT TO THE SAID MARRIAGE. Sarah and Marshal were married on August 22, 1886 at the home of a minister of the gospel, C. J. Eaker?--I'm not positive the initials are totally accurate.

      I was not able to find Sarah Catherine Shiverdecker living with Marshall Eaker. She was found with Eaker children after her marriage to Thom. I did find a death certificate for Marshall in Missouri Archives records, though.

      David: David SCHIVERDAKR of Stoddard County and Susan C. Eaker of Stoddard County, daughter of T. A. J. Eaker (who gave his consent to the marriage) were married at Brownwood, Missouri, on October 17, 1894, by R. H. Wolf, Justice of the Peace, according to a Stoddard County, Missouri marriage records database on Ancestry. com. I am not totally satisfied that I have correctly transcribed Mr. Eaker's initials here.

      I'm still curious about David Shiverdecker, Christopher Columbus Shiverdecker's son. D. C. A. in the 1880 census and the David Lysander who married Susan C. Eaker appear to be the same person in spite of their initials not matching. The census of June 1, 1880 showed D. C. A.'s age to be six. This is close to David Lysander's age in many records. It seems curious, though, that he would be called D. C. A. on the 1880 census if his name were David Lysander. David Shiverdecker's year of birth ranged from 1857 to 1875 in records I found so that makes it rather confusing.
      Anonymous Researcher #1:
      Concerning Christopher Columbus Shiverdecker:
      Citing sources as:
      1. Missouri Archives digital records at's%20Six%20Months%20Militia&selConflict=Civil%20War
      2. Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934
      3. 1860 US CENSUS for Lawrence (or Lorance) Township, Bollinger County, Missouri :

      I found him recorded as Chiverdeker, Columbus C., a private, whose commander was Captain J. R. Cochran. Columbus (Christopher) fought for the Union and served in Cochran's 6 months E. M. M., Co. According to the Missouri archives record, he enrolled August 13, 1864 at Dallas, Missouri and was ordered into active service on that same date, August 13, 1864. He was relieved from duty February 24, 1865. The number of days of actual service was 195 days. When Christopher enrolled in August of 1864, Julia Shiverdecker had four children (Mary Francis, Christina, James William and Sarah Catherine) at home for whom to provide. I haven't found information about what Cochran's outfit did during those months; they may have remained in that area.

      The information on Christopher Columbus Shiverdecker's service with Captain J. R. Cochran matches the Civil War Pension Index: General Index to Pension Files, 1861-1934 (but differs from the 1890 Veterans Schedules record where Christopher was listed as a private who served with Company B in the Missouri Cavalry).

      To be sure it was the right Shiverdecker, I checked the 1860 census to see whether a John R. Cochran also lived in Lawrence (or Lorance) Township, Bollinger County, Missouri. The post office for the Cochran family and the Shiverdecker family was the same, Greene. Christopher C. Shiverdecker was found on page 141 of the census while John R. Cochran was on page 155 so I am positive this is "our" Christopher Columbus Shiverdecker. Incidentally, Dallas, Missouri was the place where Christopher Columbus Shiverdecker enrolled in Cochran's outfit. The town name of Dallas was later changed to Marble Hill--a familiar name in Shiverdecker family research.

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