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Boone Co., WV



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alderman, Everett Lee  30 Jun 1878Boone Co., WV I0352
2 Asbury, Clementine Minerva  Dec 1862Boone Co., WV I8623
3 Barrett, Rosie Margaret  10 Apr 1884Boone Co., WV I3502
4 Belcher, Martha "Jane"  12 Jan 1869Boone Co., WV I8619
5 Belcher, Rebecca Ann  16 Sep 1867Boone Co., WV I7504
6 Belcher, William Henry  2 Dec 1859Boone Co., WV I8618
7 Burgess, Alice L.  10 Apr 1916Boone Co., WV I7912
8 Carrow, Virginia Ann "Virgie" "Annie"  7 Aug 1885Boone Co., WV I6404
9 Cooper, Anderson  28 Nov 1876Boone Co., WV I7933
10 Cooper, Blackburn Edward Jr.  Mar 1874Boone Co., WV I7932
11 Cooper, Chloe  5 Mar 1882Boone Co., WV I7936
12 Cooper, Clark L.  27 Jan 1876Boone Co., WV I10060
13 Cooper, Edna Blanche  4 Oct 1911Boone Co., WV I7950
14 Cooper, Flem McKinley  14 May 1916Boone Co., WV I7952
15 Cooper, Floyd  29 Aug 1848Boone Co., WV I8000
16 Cooper, Floyd  29 Aug 1848Boone Co., WV I10061
17 Cooper, Henry Hillard  22 Feb 1896Boone Co., WV I7942
18 Cooper, Hillard Edward  Boone Co., WV I7953
19 Cooper, Howard  2 Jul 1880Boone Co., WV I7935
20 Cooper, Ivory Elizabeth  18 Mar 1887Boone Co., WV I7938
21 Cooper, Louvernia "Vernie"  30 Jun 1889Boone Co., WV I7939
22 Cooper, Minnie  27 Jun 1884Boone Co., WV I7937
23 Cooper, Reed Clem  21 Jan 1907Boone Co., WV I7947
24 Cooper, Richard Lee Sr.  11 Mar 1877Boone Co., WV I10050
25 Cooper, Samantha  23 Oct 1893Boone Co., WV I7941
26 Cooper, Sidney Ford Sr.  26 Dec 1924Boone Co., WV I7956
27 Cooper, Summers Curtis Sr.  4 Jun 1910Boone Co., WV I7949
28 Cooper, Sylvia Mae  Boone Co., WV I7954
29 Cooper, Thomas Orville  18 Jan 1913Boone Co., WV I7951
30 Cooper, Wilson  28 Dec 1878Boone Co., WV I7934
31 Cowley, Jerry David  14 Jun 1947Boone Co., WV I7985
32 Cowley, John Thomas  21 Feb 1950Boone Co., WV I7986
33 Cowley, Kenneth  27 Aug 1919Boone Co., WV I7976
34 Crawley, Robert Lee  15 Nov 1867Boone Co., WV I0590
35 Fauber, Anna D. "Annie"  ABT. 1868Boone Co., WV I2895
36 Fauber, Hazel  1914Boone Co., WV I6411
37 Fauber, Nancy J.  ABT. 1872Boone Co., WV I6010
38 Fauber, Ona Frances  6 Jul 1882Boone Co., WV I12224
39 Fauber, Robert H.  Sep 1869Boone Co., WV I2893
40 Ferrell, Herbert  Mar 1897Boone Co., WV I7477
41 Fowler, Charles Henry  10 Feb 1870Boone Co., WV I2884
42 Gadd, Ada Pethena "Addie"  2 Sep 1865Boone Co., WV I7483
43 Gadd, Ada Pethena "Addie"  2 Sep 1865Boone Co., WV I8621
44 Gadd, Mary Alice "Allie"  Mar 1878Boone Co., WV I7472
45 Gillespie, James Dryden  1 Sep 1893Boone Co., WV I7505
46 Gillespie, Mary  1908Boone Co., WV I8537
47 Gillespie, Nancy Jane  Dec 1851Boone Co., WV I7801
48 Gillispie, Alva Francis  2 Apr 1869Boone Co., WV I8700
49 Gillispie, Charles Wilson  4 May 1862Boone Co., WV I8702
50 Gillispie, Edna Theodora  8 Jun 1880Boone Co., WV I8715
51 Gillispie, Emma Jane  4 Dec 1863Boone Co., WV I8704
52 Gillispie, Jefferson D.  14 Nov 1867Boone Co., WV I8708
53 Gillispie, Nora B.  7 May 1875Boone Co., WV I8714
54 Gillispie, Sarah Louvinia  14 Apr 1873Boone Co., WV I8712
55 Hager, Minnie Warren  24 Jan 1870Boone Co., WV I7283
56 Higginbotham, William Henry  10 Nov 1867Boone Co., WV I8096
57 Jarrell, Elliott Alexander "Zander"  7 Apr 1878Boone Co., WV I0319
58 Kirby, Byron F.  30 Nov 1906Boone Co., WV I9419
59 Kirby, Emory F.  26 May 1901Boone Co., WV I9417
60 Kirby, John W.  ABT. 1904Boone Co., WV I9418
61 Massey, Mary Evelyn  5 Aug 1876Boone Co., WV I10255
62 McCoy, Hazel M.  9 May 1929Boone Co., WV I7971
63 Petry, Charles "Charley"  Feb 1880Boone Co., WV I3501
64 Richards, Clarinda  15 Jun 1890Boone Co., WV I7944
65 Roach, Minnie  18 Dec 1888Boone Co., WV I4378
66 Thomas, Ida Alice  1 Jan 1900Boone Co., WV I9747
67 Toney, Anna "Annie"  Feb 1883Boone Co., WV I0158
68 Toney, Cyril L.  30 May 1899Boone Co., WV I0526
69 Toney, Elizabeth Ann  18 Feb 1929Boone Co., WV I12915
70 Toney, Francis Marion "Frank" Sr.  20 Sep 1891Boone Co., WV I0467
71 Toney, Grover Preston  3 Apr 1893Boone Co., WV I8791
72 Toney, Holley  BEF. 1885Boone Co., WV I8788
73 Toney, Ira Leftridge  17 Dec 1889Boone Co., WV I0465
74 Toney, J.K.  25 Nov 1874Boone Co., WV I3492
75 Toney, Jesse Lee  26 Jan 1892Boone Co., WV I0226
76 Toney, John Hamilton  20 Apr 1872Boone Co., WV I6770
77 Toney, John Hamilton  5 Sep 1875Boone Co., WV I5301
78 Toney, Martha Jane  27 Sep 1902Boone Co., WV I0475
79 Toney, Mary Margaret "Maggie"  3 Jan 1887Boone Co., WV I0463
80 Toney, Minerva Alice "Minnie"  12 Jan 1893Boone Co., WV I0469
81 Toney, Nancy A. "Nina"  18 Nov 1877Boone Co., WV I5302
82 Toney, Okey A.  25 Mar 1897Boone Co., WV I0471
83 Toney, Oscar Allen  20 Mar 1895Boone Co., WV I0473
84 Toney, Poindexter T. "Dick"  18 Aug 1870Boone Co., WV I5299
85 Toney, Robert N.  15 Mar 1878Boone Co., WV I0434
86 Toney, W. R.  12 Jan 1884Boone Co., WV I5304
87 Totten, Emma Ellen  10 Apr 1870Boone Co., WV I8102
88 Workman, Edgar Fulton  13 Mar 1875Boone Co., WV I7446
89 Workman, Elizabeth  4 Dec 1872Boone Co., WV I9218
90 Workman, Emaline  ABT. Jul 1871Boone Co., WV I9216
91 Workman, Erastus Dunkin  19 Oct 1868Boone Co., WV I9143
92 Workman, Felix M.  ABT. 1908Boone Co., WV I7290
93 Workman, Hattie L.  ABT. Oct 1889Boone Co., WV I9222
94 Workman, Hettie J.  Apr 1890Boone Co., WV I7287
95 Workman, Jasper  Aug 1828Boone Co., WV I9010
96 Workman, Josephine  7 Mar 1879Boone Co., WV I9230
97 Workman, Mary  Apr 1885Boone Co., WV I7943
98 Workman, Nora B.  ABT. Dec 1892Boone Co., WV I9223
99 Workman, Ocie Marie  28 Feb 1895Boone Co., WV I9225
100 Workman, Opal  ABT. 1905Boone Co., WV I9145
101 Workman, Orpha  ABT. Feb 1877Boone Co., WV I9219
102 Workman, Siegal  ABT. Dec 1879Boone Co., WV I9220


Matches 1 to 29 of 29

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Asbury, Clementine Minerva  2 Oct 1935Boone Co., WV I8623
2 Ball, Malinda  1880Boone Co., WV I8558
3 Belcher, John A.  1883Boone Co., WV I8624
4 Belcher, Mary E.  1885Boone Co., WV I8535
5 Belcher, Micajah Cager  16 Nov 1875Boone Co., WV I8557
6 Cauley, Jemima "Mimia"  1900Boone Co., WV I8625
7 Cooper, Calvirn  30 Apr 1941Boone Co., WV I7928
8 Cooper, Reed Clem  3 Oct 1943Boone Co., WV I7947
9 Cowley, Jerry David  6 Apr 1972Boone Co., WV I7985
10 Cowley, John Thomas  5 Mar 1977Boone Co., WV I7986
11 Curtis, Mary Jane  AFT. 1900Boone Co., WV I7800
12 Dickens, Rhoda  17 Jul 1904Boone Co., WV I9011
13 Doss, Georgiana R.  7 Oct 1906Boone Co., WV I0231
14 Fauber, Hanna Mariah Nancy  AFT. 1870Boone Co., WV I3793
15 Fauber, Hazel  6 Oct 1919Boone Co., WV I6411
16 Foster, Emily  27 Aug 1877Boone Co., WV I11192
17 Gadd, James A.  15 Apr 1894Boone Co., WV I7474
18 Gillespie, Elizabeth  AFT. 1880Boone Co., WV I8950
19 Gillespie, Elizabeth  AFT. 1880Boone Co., WV I12363
20 Gillispie, Francis Marion  ABT. 1914Boone Co., WV I7810
21 Gillispie, Jefferson D.  17 Dec 1952Boone Co., WV I8708
22 Gillispie, Oscar L.  12 Apr 1882Boone Co., WV I8711
23 Meadows, Henry Preston  AFT. 1900Boone Co., WV I8785
24 Newby, Lucy E.  2 Jun 1927Boone Co., WV I7475
25 Perry, James Madison  AFT. 1900Boone Co., WV I6839
26 Toney, John Harvey Sr.  AFT. 1870Boone Co., WV I1514
27 Toney, William  AFT. 1880Boone Co., WV I1522
28 Vickers, Pharesina "Zine"  9 Jun 1882Boone Co., WV I5298
29 Workman, Jasper  1923Boone Co., WV I9010


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 Ball / Workman  31 Oct 1887Boone Co., WV F3658
2 Higginbotham / Meadows  12 Oct 1865Boone Co., WV F3215
3 Higginbotham / Totten  3 Aug 1889Boone Co., WV F3216
4 Jarrell / Porter  21 Dec 1904Boone Co., WV F0112
5 Toney / Carrow  15 Aug 1908Boone Co., WV F0909
6 Toney / Doss  18 Aug 1869Boone Co., WV F0141
7 Toney / Gadd  23 Dec 1896Boone Co., WV F3000
8 Toney / Gillespie  28 Sep 1865Boone Co., WV F1466
9 Toney / Gillispie  11 Mar 1886Boone Co., WV F0133
10 Toney / Gillispie  11 Mar 1886Boone Co., WV F3474
11 Toney / Meadows  17 Nov 1883Boone Co., WV F2253
12 Toney / Roach  25 Apr 1907Boone Co., WV F1683
13 Wade / Gillespie  24 Feb 1880Boone Co., WV F3114
14 Warren / Toney  25 May 1938Boone Co., WV F3955
15 Workman / Hager  17 May 1889Boone Co., WV F3638
16 Workman / White  30 May 1868Boone Co., WV F3636

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