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Kanawha Co., (West) VA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Angel, Elizabeth  Kanawha Co., (West) VA I8672
2 Bailey, George Washington  16 Nov 1824Kanawha Co., (West) VA I5281
3 Barnhouse, Frederick  1836Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2257
4 Barnhouse, Frederick  1836Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3256
5 Barnhouse, John T.  ABT. 1841Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0897
6 Barnhouse, John T.  ABT. 1841Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3264
7 Bryant, Caroline Ellen (or Ellen C.)  ABT. 1858Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6340
8 Chandler, Mary Ann Rebecca  1838Kanawha Co., (West) VA I8719
9 Cooper, Bayless Jr.  25 May 1823Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7915
10 Cooper, Bayless Jr.  25 May 1823Kanawha Co., (West) VA I8093
11 Cooper, Mary Ann  11 Nov 1831Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6764
12 Cooper, Rebecca Ann  ABT. 1816Kanawha Co., (West) VA I8014
13 Crawford, Clarke  11 Jun 1854Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6848
14 Crawford, John  2 Mar 1849Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7990
15 Crawford, Mandeville  12 Jan 1856Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6849
16 Curtis, Mary Jane  Sep 1826Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7800
17 Dotson, Isaac  ABT. 1812Kanawha Co., (West) VA I10040
18 Fauber, William H.  ABT. 1842Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0443
19 Fisher, Alpheus "Deck"  14 Mar 1845Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3520
20 Fisher, Edwin  21 Dec 1844Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3521
21 Fisher, Luvica  ABT. 1848Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3518
22 Foster, Anna  1810Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0895
23 Foster, Jane  ABT. 1820Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0914
24 Foster, Martha  ABT. 1845Kanawha Co., (West) VA I10035
25 Foster, Mary "Polly"  ABT. 1804Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0145
26 Foster, Mary "Polly"  ABT. 1804Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0893
27 Foster, Minerva  18 Apr 1814Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0912
28 Foster, Nancy  1800Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0891
29 Foster, Noah  1808Kanawha Co., (West) VA I8092
30 Foster, Penedamia Alvina  2 May 1811Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0430
31 Foster, Rebecca  1812Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0909
32 Foster, Seth  5 Nov 1842Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7919
33 Foster, Virginia Minerva "Jane"  Feb 1843Kanawha Co., (West) VA I10031
34 Gillespie, James Madison  ABT. 1811Kanawha Co., (West) VA I12372
35 Gillespie, Letitia "Lettus" Brown  30 Nov 1839Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7812
36 Gillespie, Mary Margaret  26 Dec 1821Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3795
37 Gillespie, Mary Margaret  26 Dec 1821Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7808
38 Gillespie, Nancy  ABT. 1810Kanawha Co., (West) VA I12362
39 Gillespie, Nancy  ABT. 1815Kanawha Co., (West) VA I1521
40 Gillespie, Samuel Henry  28 Sep 1820Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7799
41 Gillespie, Sarah Lavina  15 May 1837Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7811
42 Gillispie, Albert Gallatin "A. G." (twin)  3 Jan 1857Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7497
43 Gillispie, Martha Jane  24 Aug 1860Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7192
44 Gillispie, Mary Jane  5 Oct 1851Kanawha Co., (West) VA I4375
45 Gillispie, Susan Catherine  6 Nov 1830Kanawha Co., (West) VA I7806
46 Jarrett, Elizabeth  1824Kanawha Co., (West) VA I3794
47 Johnson, Hannah  ABT. 1815Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2602
48 Johnson, James  27 Apr 1805Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0520
49 Johnson, Molly "Polly"  26 Oct 1814Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2600
50 Johnson, Rachel  18 Apr 1813Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2598

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Aultz, Catherine  AFT. 1860Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6237
2 Eskins, John Moore  11 Oct 1911Kanawha Co., (West) VA I10032
3 Ferguson, Mary  ABT. 1845Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6755
4 Goff, William  ABT. 1859Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6236
5 Hadlin, Frances  BEF. 1812Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6223
6 Higginbotham, James Moses  AFT. 1850Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0955
7 Jarrett, Jesse  9 Feb 1862Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2605
8 Johnson, Amy Emma  4 Jun 1847Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0196
9 Kelly, Jesse  ABT. 3 May 1882Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6226
10 Kelly, Lucinda  BEF. 24 Dec 1854Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6228
11 Kelly, Mary  18 May 1884Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6225
12 Kelly, Sarah  Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6227
13 Lilly, Jane "Polly"  ABT. 1845Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0159
14 McGovney, Mary Jane  19 Oct 1859Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0506
15 McGovney, Mary Jane  19 Oct 1859Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2569
16 Moss, Jane  AFT. 1850Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0956
17 Older, Ann Mary  3 Jul 1876Kanawha Co., (West) VA I2516
18 Reed, Mary  AFT. 1820Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0606
19 Shiverdecker, Martha  BEF. 1852Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0556
20 Shiverdecker, Mary Ann  7 Aug 1853Kanawha Co., (West) VA I0557
21 Slater, John W.  7 Nov 1882Kanawha Co., (West) VA I6229


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID 
1 / Aultz  1807Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2452
2 / Hadlin  1802Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2445
3 Arthur / Kelly  1821Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2450
4 Barnett / Shiverdecker  6 Apr 1854Kanawha Co., (West) VA F1036
5 Bryant / Shiverdecker  8 Jan 1852Kanawha Co., (West) VA F1037
6 Crawford / Porter  3 Dec 1853Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2729
7 Foster / Asbury  14 Dec 1844Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0292
8 Goff / Kelly  4 Oct 1837Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2451
9 Gualtney / Higginbotham  16 Nov 1814Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0301
10 Harris / Porter  28 Jul 1852Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2728
11 Hodges / Shiverdecker  26 Apr 1855Kanawha Co., (West) VA F1034
12 Jarrell / Toney  8 Apr 1832Kanawha Co., (West) VA F3502
13 Johnson / Jarrett  ABT. 1841Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0829
14 Jordan / Unknown  ABT. 1822Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2965
15 Kelly / Martin  20 Feb 1810Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2441
16 Persinger / Shiverdecker  4 Oct 1843Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0172
17 Settle / Johnson  17 Dec 1829Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0824
18 Shiverdecker / Persinger  28 May 1846Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0066
19 Slater / Kelly  11 Nov 1828Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2442
20 Smith / Toney  8 Mar 1835Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0098
21 Toney / Fauber  12 May 1839Kanawha Co., (West) VA F1464
22 Toney / Ferguson  ABT. 1809Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2695
23 Toney / Gillespie  23 Jul 1829Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0504
24 Toney / Toney  21 May 1835Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0505
25 Wilkinson / Breedon  17 Mar 1853Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0792
26 Wilkinson / Kelly  12 Mar 1858Kanawha Co., (West) VA F0073
27 Wilkinson / Persinger  20 Apr 1871Kanawha Co., (West) VA F2435

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