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 Website Construction

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Website Construction

This website was was created with the help of TNG- The Next Generation in Genealogy Sitebuilding, written by Darrin Lythgoe. TNG is really a cutting edge type online genealogy software program that requires much less memory and quickly generates its webpages "on the fly" instead of storing hundreds of HTML pages for individuals and photos. This software runs on PHP, a scripting language, which in turn accesses and manipulates the data in a MySQL type database. Therefore in order to run TNG, you must use a web host server that supports PHP and MySQL. Most hosts support PHP, but not all. We are currently using and can recommend them highly. Their setup procedure is very user friendly, their fees are inexpensive, and their support crew is top-notch.

If you plan to run your own home based server (which we did for about a year) you would need the Apache server program software which runs PHP. Apache was originally intended for use on Linux based computers, but one can download a free program called EasyPHP (for Windows) off the internet which effectively gets you Apache, PHP, and MySQL all in one package. On the other hand if you are uploading your website to a web host server, you will not need any of that as your host will have PHP and MySQL already installed. If you have questions about any of this, email us. Contact me

Before I get into importing your genealogy database to a website, I want to discuss a very important issue: living people. From a personal security standpoint, I think it is unwise to put information about living individuals on your website, whether they are your children or cousins. Don’t help identity thieves or other miscreants in their nefarious pursuits. You don’t have to alter your regular Family Tree Maker (or whatever software you use) file; just make a copy of it and then edit that copy and call it something like your “webdata file.”

Setting Up TNG And Your Website

First you will set up TNG on your web host server. Darrin Lythgoe will supply you with good instructions for this. Second you will need to upload your genealogy database from your computer based program (such as Family Tree Maker) into TNG. Both of these things are usually done with an FTP (file transfer protocol) utility. There is an FTP utility built into the Internet Explorer browser, so you don't have to look very far.

You accomplish the second task mentioned above by initially converting your genealogy database into a Gedcom file while still in Family Tree Maker (or whatever computer based genealogy program you use). You will then upload the Gedcom file into TNG. Next, you can upload any photos and documents you wish to display and associate them with individual ancestors. After that you can customize the website software to give your genealogy site your own personal look. Inevitably you will have to debug the program and make sure that all the links work properly.

Other software:

We ended up creating about eight extra pages on our website to complement the standard pages supplied with TNG. The HTML code for these pages was created on Adobe GoLive 5.0. The graphics we needed for these pages were created with Adobe PhotoShop CS2. We have used two different versions of Family Tree Maker for our PC based genealogy program in the last seven or eight years.

Dave Clark

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