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Ackley, Harry Lynn (1883-1922) at Family Picnic with 42 other family members

Group/ Family Picnic photo was taken about 1907 and came from the Ackley/ Vorhes/ Smith Archives by SA Smith.

Donna Forney Clark:
In part, the original numbering on this photo has worn away.
I renumbered L-R (back row, then front row), in red.

Identifications below:
On the first line is the name of the identified person as it appeared in the original photo.
On the second line is a description of that person.
On the third line are the full name and life dates of the identified person.

Any help with additions or corrections would be appreciated.

1. Harry Ackley
(taller of two men in suits)
Harry Lynn Ackley (1883-1922)

2. A. J. Ackley
(shorter of two men in suits)
Ashbury James "AJ" Ackley (1872-1965)

3. Stella Ackley
(white long sleeve blouse, dark bow at neckline)
Estella Viva "Stella" Ackley (1864-1940)

4. Mrs. Inman

5. Mrs. Sam Rex
(turned to the side)
? donít know for sure that she is Mary Jane Ackley Rex (1842-1924)

6. Tom Ackley
(back row, behind woman #5 who is turned to left)
donít know which Tom Ackley

7. Mrs.Tom Ackley
(wearing glasses, white dress, dark blouse, something at neckline, to the right of Tom Ackley)
donít know which Mrs. Tom Ackley

8. Egbert Davis
(at back, receding hairline)
Egbert J. Davis (1831-1927)

9. Met Ackley
(shorter woman, standing directly in front of Egbert Davis)
Armetta Victoria "Metta" Towne Gooler Ackley (1866-1959)

10. Unidentified woman

11. Belle Ackley Ward
(at back, small dot or jewel on collar)
Nancy Isabel "Belle" Ackley Ward (1866-1941)

12. Unidentified girl

13. Unidentified girl

14. Irene Ackley Pattelford (sic)
(taller, possibly wearing glasses, behind child,)
Ella "Irene" Ackley Paddleford (1863-1941)

15. Mrs. Lou Inman
(medium shade blouse with white around neck)
Lillian Ellenor "Lilly" Ackley Inman (1876-1935)

16. Minta Ackley
(leaning a bit to the side toward Nellie Ackley)
Araminta Prudence "Minta" Ackley (1872-1943)

17. Nellie Ackley Brunner
(white blouse, clasped hands in front)
Nellie Ethel Ackley Brunner (1882-1969)

18. Little Rex Asper
(child being held by Herm Asper, behind Bel Rex; Hermís son)
Rex Asper

19. Herm Asper
(man holding child behind Bel Rex)
Herman A. Asper (1864-1940)

20. Bel Rex
(shorter woman in white blouse)
Belva Blaine "Belle" Rex (1884-1931)

21. Maria Baltimore Ackley
(dark dress, hands behind her)
Maria Jane Baltimore Ackley (1844-1912)

22. Mrs. Sam Rex
(medium shade blouse, arms folded in front of her)
donít know which Mrs. Sam Rex

23. Sarah Jane Ackley
(at far left, back row, striped dress)
Sara Jane Asper Ackley (1848-1936)

24. Ruth Rex
(seated a bit sideways, white blouse, hand in grass)
Ruth Elveretta Rex Ritter (1875-1936)

25. Unknown woman
(seated a bit behind and to the side of Ruth Rex Ritter)

26. Unknown child with bow in hair
(seated, looking to the side)

27. Justin Haynes
(seated, in suit, small black bow or tie at neck)
Justin H. Haynes (1869-1951)

28. Julia Gates
(child, in white dress, standing)
Julia M. Gates Schneider (1899-1997)

29. Sam Rex
(seated, arm on knee)
Samuel "Sam" Rex (1834-1908)

30. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ahart (sic)
Charles F. Arhart (1858-1939)

31. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ahart (sic)
(holding unidentified child)
Millie Daehn Arhart (1862-1930)

32 Unidentified child
(held by Millie Daehn Arhart)

33 Unidentified child
(held by Jennie Rex Ritter)

34. Jennie Rex Ritter
(holding unidentified child)
Jennie Ellen Rex Ritter (1879-1916)

35. Unidentified woman

36. Unidentified woman

37. Unidentified infant
(held by Meta Rex Haynes)

38. Meta Rex Haynes
(looking at child she is holding)
Mettie M. Rex Haynes (1877-1947)

39. Lucinda Ackley
(printed dress, hand on lap)
Lucinda E. Van Dusen Ackley (1854-1913)

40. Unidentified child
(behind Lucinda Van Dusen Ackley)

41. R. J. Ackley
(white beard, one hand over the other)
Russell James Ackley (1835-1927)

42 Unidentified child
(held by unidentified woman)

43. Unidentified woman
(holding unidentified child)

Owner/SourceSA Smith
DateAbout 1907
Linked toAraminta Prudence "Minta" Ackley; Ashbury James "AJ" Ackley; Ella "Irene" Ackley; Estella Viva "Stella" Ackley; Harry Lynn Ackley; Lillian Ellenor "Lilly" Ackley; Nancy Isabel "Belle" Ackley; Nellie Ethel Ackley; Russell James Ackley; Charles F. Arhart; Herman A. Asper; Rex Asper; Sara Jane Asper; Maria Jane Baltimore; Millie Daehn; Egbert J. Davis; Julia M. Gates; Armetta Victoria "Metta" Towne Gooler; Justin H. Haynes; Belva Blaine "Belle" Rex; Jennie Ellen Rex; Mettie M. Rex; Ruth Elveretta Rex; Samuel "Sam" Rex; Lucinda E. Van Dusen

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